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Teaching Concepts for the Integration of Business and Law in non-legal disciplines

Research Field of Prof. Dr. Ralph Schuhmann, Prof. Dr.  Alexander J. Wulf and Prof. Dr. Bert Eichhorn:

Research within CMI has yielded a new approach to the topic of contract negotiations as delineated in the fundamental work Contractual Management - Managing through Contracts in 2019 and two further essays on contract strategy in 2020 (Optimierungspotenziale für Projektverträge in der internationalen Diskussion and Vertragsrisiken und vertragliches Risikomanagement - Eine Neubestimmung).



The new holistic approach allows for an interdisciplinary combination of management topics and contract topics on the one hand as well as business negotiations and contract design on the other. It is also the first attempt at developing contract strategies suitable for management.


From this, didactic concepts for non-jurists may be developed from a legal perspective which primarily orient themselves towards the experience horizon of managers. CMI researchers test initial approaches of such didactic concepts in various graduate level courses and develop them further. This interdisciplinary methodology also considers conclusions drawn from the research field of contract and art.

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