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CMI Berlin was founded by Prof. Dr. Ralph Schuhmann and Prof. Dr. Bert Eichhorn in 2012. Since its inception, its focus is on the connection between contract, relationship, company, and society. In 2015, the initial publication on the Contractual Management Approach and the Contractual Management Model, which gave the institute its name, appeared. The Contractual Management Model is reflected in the CMI Berlin logo, with the three sides of the cube representing the three dimensions of the model: contract-related issue, steering tools, and decision parameters.


Numerous CMI Berlin publications have since addressed the topic area with a focus on risk management, knowledge management and transaction management in particular. In 2019, the pivotal work Contractual Management: Managing Through Contracts was published, using case studies to review the approach and model of Contractual Management for their suitability for practice and in teaching .


Recently, thanks to new members, the research interests of CMI Berlin have expanded to other areas related to its main topic. Supported by a DFG grant, Prof. Dr. Dr. Alexander J. Wulf and Dr. Ognyan Seizov research on contract transparency in the EU. Prof. Dr. Farzaneh Soleimani Zoghi’s interests lie on risk management in the hospitality industry, while Prof. Dr. med. Franz Hessel, MPH focuses on health care management and Frank Wittig, a member from the first day, on health care operations management.

The CMI Berlin is particularly dedicated to the advancement of younger scientists. Meanwhile, two former research associates of the institute, Dr.  Alexander J. Wulf and Dr. Farzaneh Soleimani Zoghi, have been appointed professors and continue their research work within the CMI Berlin.

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