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Managing Strategic and Operational Risks

The contract is a prominent instrument for risk management, just as risk is a central parameter for contract design and execution. Accordingly, contractual risk management is a cross-cutting issue for all research fields at CMI Berlin.

Contract risks in particular are discussed by Prof. Schuhmann and Prof. Eichhorn. In addition, Three empirical projects deal with the topic of risk management. This is on the one hand the project Practicing Risk Management in Turkish and German SMEs (Prof. Eichhorn and Prof. Schuhmann), which was carried out from 2011 to 2017, and on the other hand the project Risk Management Practices in Hospitality Organizations (Prof. Zoghi together with Prof. Antonschmidt), which started in 2020 and the project Reputation Risk Management in Hotel Industry (Prof. Zoghi), which started in 2021.

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